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Birding in the Wind

Cold wind, gusting hard punches trees and hurls the birds along. Most hunker down, concealed. But we birders search them out – red-cheeked, scoured, undaunted. Advertisements

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The Secret Park

I threw on my hoodie – the morning was cold and shiny, just how I like it. I felt good, felt like walking somewhere different, somewhere outside my comfort zone. So I followed my nose for half an hour or … Continue reading

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For Mary Oliver, Poet

Mary Oliver, the poet, died last week at 83. Intensely private, she rarely granted interviews, but I heard one on the radio this morning. When gently probed by her interviewer, she hinted at a dark and menacing childhood, and said … Continue reading

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Fall at Last!

Fall has arrived –  at last! It comes late to south central Florida. Almost Thanksgiving and still in the muggy 80s yesterday, but today it’s a cool, gray, damp, blustery day.  Barely 70. Chilly for these parts! Wanting to get … Continue reading

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Air Boat Ride!

Engine roaring, wind whipping, water chopping, and everywhere the purple-gray sky of a coming storm. Racing across acres of water, lily pads, cat tails hummocks of grass. Coots skitter away, egrets and herons rise up from hiding, limpkins, bitterns, eagles … Continue reading

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Storm on the Way

The sky is filled with flannel gray clouds– lumpy, lowering clouds, as raw and brooding as a Brontë novel. Large, expectant clouds waiting for a storm to rouse them into action.

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Summer Storm

The rain’s slacking off and the black is thinning to gray. Half an hour ago it was like midnight– at 4:30 in the afternoon. The water was coming down so hard into my carport, there were wavelets! Almost to the … Continue reading

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