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Back from the neighborhood pool. There’s a married couple there who are regulars. Nice folks. He’s a friendly whale, talks to everyone, swims to ease his back troubles.  She’s big and beautiful, long auburn braid; placid, patient, smiling. I like … Continue reading

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My Happy Place

It’s been around since forever; retro, cheap and clean. Three mornings a week, May through October, I throw on my swimsuit and head out to our little municipal pool for a swim. When I first hit the water I feel … Continue reading

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“The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”

Can you imagine being completely paralyzed except for your left eye?  I just saw this movie called “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.” Based on the reviews, it sounded pretty depressing. But I like movies that dig down deep. And … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Lab Girl” by Hope Jahren

On a freezing cold Minnesota winter night, a smart little girl plays in her father’s college science lab, surrounded by instruments and gizmos, more at home in the lab than the house she grew up in. Her quiet preoccupation with … Continue reading

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The Mom Gene

My daughter Amy has three boys. My three grandsons.  Jake, the youngest is on the brink of adolescence.  Born on the Fourth of  July twelve and a half years ago. My daughter called him her little firecracker because of his … Continue reading

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Homme de Sucre

“Bonjour, monsieur,” I flirted. “Comment ça va,” you’d reply, harmless enough. You went to Montreal, brought me maple syrup, “Sugar Man,” it said on the label.

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Leaf in the Wind

Storm on the way. Gray sky brings in the wind, still soft but kicking up in spurts. It grabs an oak leaf—a big raggedy red oak leaf and spirals it upwards like a miniature kite, like a feather, like a … Continue reading

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