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Beautiful Prose: Excerpt #9

From Teaching a Stone to Talk by Annie Dillard Excerpt #9 is by writer, poet and nature mystic, Annie Dillard.  In Teaching a Stone to Talk she describes first-hand what it was like to experience a total solar eclipse. “The … Continue reading

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The Oasis

Every once in a while you’re going about business as usual and find yourself in the middle of something special. Yesterday was that kind of day. It was a warm August morning in my part of Florida and getting warmer … Continue reading

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Beautiful Prose: Excerpt #3

The third excerpt from my collection of beautiful prose is from Beryl Markham’s The Splendid Outcast. Markham was a British-born Kenyan aviator, adventurer, racehorse trainer and author. She was the first woman to fly solo, non-stop across the Atlantic from … Continue reading

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A Brand New Year

Four faithful seasons equal a year, one revolution of the heavenly sphere. We mark our progress by the sun, one trip around–another year done. Round ‘n round–the world, she spins… (as we humans tally our losses and wins) keeping time … Continue reading

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The Owl

As I drove down the dark, wooded street I saw something in the middle of the road. Just sitting there. An owl! In the split second of surprise before I swerved around it, the beams from my headlights lit up … Continue reading

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A Chorus of Crows

A cacaphony, a convention, a chorus of crows! Crow cries everywhere. All the day long. Spring migration I guess. Do they crow for the sheer joy of this flawless day? Not too hot, not too cold, just enough wind to … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Lab Girl” by Hope Jahren

On a freezing cold Minnesota winter night, a smart little girl plays in her father’s college science lab, surrounded by instruments and gizmos, more at home in the lab than the house she grew up in. Her quiet preoccupation with … Continue reading

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On Einstein’s Theory. Revelation: E = mc2

Truth has exploded into being for me tonight. The light of brilliant minds exposed in a Flash! Now I see, as never before, the clarity of the universe; the smiling secret at the core of creation.

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