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The Puzzle

I’m putting together a jigsaw puzzle. What a time waster, huh. Pure self-indulgence. No one will benefit from it but me.  Sometimes I hear this little voice in my head saying, “You could be doing something productive; something helpful; you’re … Continue reading

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Angry Birds!

It started all of a sudden. A blue jay brouhaha right outside the living room window. Five or six angry birds in full combat, screeching and dive-bombing for all they were worth. A cat skulking too near a nest? My … Continue reading

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Puttering Away

I love to putter. Very relaxing. I don’t know what Google says, but my definition of puttering is “catching up on chores at a leisurely pace while singing along to music, sometimes including a little happy-dance.” And if the weather … Continue reading

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My Spanish Class

I’m learning Spanish late in life. Let me re-phrase that. I’m re-learning Spanish late in life. My immigrant grandparents spoke only Spanish, so I have a little early childhood experience of the language. And I can still roll my R’s … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Lab Girl” by Hope Jahren

On a freezing cold Minnesota winter night, a smart little girl plays in her father’s college science lab, surrounded by instruments and gizmos, more at home in the lab than the house she grew up in. Her quiet preoccupation with … Continue reading

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The Mom Gene

My daughter Amy has three boys. My three grandsons.  Jake, the youngest is on the brink of adolescence.  Born on the Fourth of  July twelve and a half years ago. My daughter called him her little firecracker because of his … Continue reading

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Big Fish, Little Fish

They were already lining up at the barre in the middle of the room. I’d gotten turned around in the maze of corridors leading to the dance room and had had to run back down to the reception desk and … Continue reading

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