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A Christmas Ornament

It’s December 1993. My dad’s in the hospital. His cancer’s returned. It’s not looking good for him. I’m at home decorating my Christmas tree. I placed all the ornaments on the branches just so, each one reminding me of something … Continue reading

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Evening Stroll

I heard thunder rumble. Far away. The sun was shining. Very bright for 7:30 in the evening. Almost like midday. But not as hot. Today was a scorcher. July in central Florida can be one hot, muggy hell. But it … Continue reading

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Lucky for Awhile

Lucky was not our cat. He belonged to a neighbor a couple doors down. But the owner was out of town a lot and he had two other cats, so Lucky hung around our place a lot.  My sons and … Continue reading

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The Funeral of a Friend

I have come from the funeral of a friend. A funeral bathed in light and tears and beautiful winged words that pierced the heart with knowing. And upon the altar of light, in front, on a small square table sat … Continue reading

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Too Firmly Planted?

I just read a poem. A beautiful poem that makes no sense, yet it does. The kind that bypasses your brain, goes straight to the solar plexus. I want to make poetry like that, get my feet off the ground, … Continue reading

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Drummer Boy

Was talking to my neighbor in the driveway today–her chubby little one propped on her hip. “Did you hear about Tommy’s boy?” she said, with a look.  “Killed in a car accident–no seat belt.” I didn’t know Tommy’s boy, even … Continue reading

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For Zoe

Precarious life light as breath hangs in the balance, a bundle of golden fur named Zoë. Heart of my heart, soul sister, shy, bitchy snuggler. No secrets, we– naked to each other. Nineteen years from frisky kitten to tired old … Continue reading

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Beautifying Death

The pall on the casket was beautiful; clean white linen bordered with black. My eyes were fixed upon its pristine beauty; a beauty that denied the ugliness of death, the body inside composed and altered to appear as though asleep– … Continue reading

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A small scrap of weary life limp and gray, lays on a heating pad on the floor. I’ve come to say good-bye. This barely alive little thing was mine once upon a time. An acrobat full of leaps and bounces, … Continue reading

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