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Diamond Dust

Diamond dust. Isn’t that a pretty name? It sounds magical, like something a fairy would sprinkle from a magic wand. But this was a real thing. No magic needed. Only the right temperature to crystallize fog. I saw it twinkling, … Continue reading

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Beautiful Prose: Excerpt #4

Here’s the fourth excerpt from my collection of beautiful prose. I picked up a travel magazine in a doctor’s waiting room and was mesmerized by the winter scene described by the writer. From Travel and Leisure Magazine, “Venice at Christmas,”  … Continue reading

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A Brand New Year

Four faithful seasons equal a year, one revolution of the heavenly sphere. We mark our progress by the sun, one trip around–another year done. Round ‘n round–the world, she spins… (as we humans tally our losses and wins) keeping time … Continue reading

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A Christmas Ornament

It’s December 1993. My dad’s in the hospital. His cancer’s returned. It’s not looking good for him. I’m at home decorating my Christmas tree. I placed all the ornaments on the branches just so, each one reminding me of something … Continue reading

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The Mom Gene

My daughter Amy has three boys. My three grandsons.  Jake, the youngest is on the brink of adolescence.  Born on the Fourth of  July twelve and a half years ago. My daughter called him her little firecracker because of his … Continue reading

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So Long for Now

I’m taking down all my Christmas stuff today. Down come the 40+ year old crocheted stockings that were my daughters’ and the huge one from Bloomingdale’s that my son’s godmother sent him 30 years ago. It was bigger than him … Continue reading

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Some Christmas Thoughts

As I write this, it’s Christmas Eve eve. The Florida sky is overcast. It’s warm and humid. Highs in the mid-80s. Most un-Christmas like. Doesn’t Mother Nature know I like my Christmases cold and crisp? Other than the decidedly un-Arctic … Continue reading

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