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Retired from the University of South Florida. Love reading, writing, hiking, nature, music, birding, puttering around the house and yard.

The Secret Park

I threw on my hoodie – the morning was cold and shiny, just how I like it. I felt good, felt like walking somewhere different, somewhere outside my comfort zone. So I followed my nose for half an hour or … Continue reading

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Tony, Lover of Cats

No mother could cradle her babe more tenderly than you do that big and beautiful cat in your arms. They know, those arms, instinctively how it’s done and the cat knows it, too, as he lifts his handsome face to … Continue reading

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Beautiful Prose: Excerpt #9

From Teaching a Stone to Talk by Annie Dillard Excerpt #9 is by writer, poet and nature mystic, Annie Dillard.  In Teaching a Stone to Talk she describes first-hand what it was like to experience a total solar eclipse. “The … Continue reading

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Very Much

“No matter how much I do it’s never enough!” I fumed, uncorking my pent-up anger, letting her have a full measure of my true feelings. She cried, unleashing her own frustration at the life she calls hell these days. My … Continue reading

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For Mary Oliver, Poet

Mary Oliver, the poet, died last week at 83. Intensely private, she rarely granted interviews, but I heard one on the radio this morning. When gently probed by her interviewer, she hinted at a dark and menacing childhood, and said … Continue reading

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The Fiddler

It’s not you, my dear. You love me as well as you can. You couldn’t love me any better. It’s just that you’re a fiddler trying to play a Stradivarius. You’re a good fiddler, but I’m not a fiddle. You … Continue reading

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The sunset starts slowly, unpromising. A little softness, a sheared off cloud with a pinkish base and golden top. I look away~ and when I return there’s a crimson spot peeking beneath the cloud, just a wink of brilliant orange. … Continue reading

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Letting Go

So many things still remind me. The little egg pan he gave me because he had two, the talking Christmas teddy bear, NPR, the Friday night news, the Valentine earrings, the monitor right in front of my eyes – he … Continue reading

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The Enemy

I stared at Fear today. Standing naked on trembly legs, I looked him in the eye. He stood there staring back, hugely terrible with gaping maw, but did not move to devour me. As I stared back he seemed to … Continue reading

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Lucas, the Wonder Dog

He’s the first to greet me when I ring the doorbell. Twenty pounds of cuddlesome friendliness. A dust mop on four legs with a stumpy little metronome of a tail. Big brown eyes that say Hi, how are you? Wanna … Continue reading

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