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Retired from the University of South Florida. Love reading, writing, hiking, nature, music, birding, puttering around the house and yard.

A Thin Place

We were canoeing down the river on a perfect April day and there was something palpable in the air. What mystics call “a thin place.” He told me that when he and his now-departed wife were canoeing down this very … Continue reading

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With morning’s bright song in my step, taking me three miles out and back, and then — a mockingbird singing. Somewhere very close. I stop dead. There she is in the middle of the fence-climbing shrub, by the sidewalk. Almost … Continue reading

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Diamond Dust

Diamond dust. Isn’t that a pretty name? It sounds magical, like something a fairy would sprinkle from a magic wand. But this was a real thing. No magic needed. Only the right temperature to crystallize fog. I saw it twinkling, … Continue reading

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Cape Cod Girl

My friend is trying to find a mystery girl. Back in the 70s, when he was an aspiring young photographer, complete with free-spirit and long ponytail, he went around Cape Cod with cameras slung around his neck, out to see … Continue reading

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Dream Children

I can taste them in my dreams–sweet and lush. My babies. So close I can feel their breath, smell their topsy-turvy, tantalyzing innocence. I’m there flesh-to-flesh, and I can’t get enough. The curly, sweat-tangled hair, the pouty, thirsty breath, the … Continue reading

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Beautiful Prose: Excerpt #7

The seventh excerpt from my collection of beautiful prose is taken from Pietro DiDonato’s Christ in Concrete, written in 1939 about the struggles of Italian-American construction workers on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in the 1920s. It’s a fiercely … Continue reading

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The beat! It grabs me, gets into my bones, my blood, all of me. My body becomes an instrument– pounding and tapping, clicking and snapping. There’s no line between the music and me anymore. No line at all.

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Fall at Last!

Fall has arrived –  at last! It comes late to south central Florida. Almost Thanksgiving and still in the muggy 80s yesterday, but today it’s a cool, gray, damp, blustery day.  Barely 70. Chilly for these parts! Wanting to get … Continue reading

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Monkey Girl

You were drawn to the photo of the laughing child; chubby little face with ears sticking out. “Monkey Girl,” you called her. The grin on that baby’s face lit her up like a thousand suns, one arm wrapped around her … Continue reading

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Air Boat Ride!

Engine roaring, wind whipping, water chopping, and everywhere the purple-gray sky of a coming storm. Racing across acres of water, lily pads, cat tails hummocks of grass. Coots skitter away, egrets and herons rise up from hiding, limpkins, bitterns, eagles … Continue reading

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