Jasper Grows Up

My tuxedo feline, Jasper, is rapidly approaching his first birthday. No longer a kitten, but not yet a grown-up cat, either.  He still has more than a little rambunctiousness left in him, and  one of his favorite things is springing from the kitchen counter to the top of the fridge, where he grins down at us, like the Cheshire cat.

As a matter of fact, he’s pretty fond of any and all high-up places and can often be found sizing tall things up to see if he can handle it. More than once I’ve seen him leap from the windowsill to the top of a bookcase next to my computer, nearly grazing his head on the ceiling, then dive down onto the keyboard (where I’m sitting!) with a resounding thud!

And he loves to hide. Several times I’ve found him burrowed under a throw rug with tail sticking out, smugly thinking he’s invisible; or lurking just inside a hallway door ready to spring at the next passerby!

Because of his boundless energy, early on I decided to let him go outdoors during the day, wearing his ID collar and tracking device. A pet panel in the door keeps him inside at night, but the minute he sees me walking in that direction in the morning, he makes a furious dash for the door, bounding off to see what he can see and catch what he can catch!

But in spite of his shenanigans I’m starting to see signs of approaching maturity. Maybe it’s just our brutal Florida summer but he seems to spend more time stretched out on the cool floor and taking long naps under my bed. I guess the day will eventually come when the little hooligan is laying around more than bouncing around– but I’m in no hurry!

About boomergirl47

Retired from the University of South Florida. Love reading, writing, hiking, nature, music, birding, puttering around the house and yard.
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