Beautiful Prose: Excerpt #5

Here’s the fifth excerpt from my collection of beautiful prose. This one is An Unreasonable Woman, by Diane Wilson, a Texas gulf coast shrimp boat captain and mother of five who took on a powerful chemical company when she found out what was being dumped into the bay she fished.

From An Unreasonable Woman by Diane Wilson:

Hunger Strike

“Whoever says a hunger strike don’t make you nutty, don’t know nothing. It was the middle of the night and nobody was around, yet I was talking to myself out loud and asking questions. Is it simply life or life with meaning that matters? Which one? A fisherman drowning didn’t have time to ask that kind of question and when he wasn’t drowning he was so busy scratching for dollar bills he still didn’t have time. Then a man working at a chemical plant was too tired or too sick to ask. And a woman with a dozen kids never had time, and when she did some baby comes along needing a diaper change or another one needing a bottle. Something came along.

So I considered myself real lucky to be where I was; smack dab by myself in the nuttiest thing I had ever done, and so got to ask the question nobody had the time or energy for: Was it more important to search for meaning and when you found it, be willing to die and bleed, or was it just better to breathe?”


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Retired from the University of South Florida. Love reading, writing, hiking, nature, music, birding, puttering around the house and yard.
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