Shampoo Night

The baby shampoo flows like honey onto his water-darkened hair as he stands plumply naked and gleaming in the tub. I massage it into his perfectly shaped little noggin, working up a good lather.

We have a ritual that he never forgets.

“Doo diss!” he commands, pointing to the top of his sudsy head.

I twist his hair into a long, gooey spike sticking straight up like the piked helmet of some ancient warrior, and he shrieks with delight at his silly reflection in the mirror across from the tub.

It looks exactly the same every time, but he always laughs as if he’d never, ever seen such a sight before!


About boomergirl47

Retired from the University of South Florida. Love reading, writing, hiking, nature, music, birding, puttering around the house and yard.
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4 Responses to Shampoo Night

  1. lcpknox says:

    Love it – reminds me of my two sons when their hair was washed.


  2. Ha ha. Pity we grow up and are not so easily pleased. I love the way the warrior commands. 🙂


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