Beautiful Prose: Excerpt #4

Here’s the fourth excerpt from my collection of beautiful prose. I picked up a travel magazine in a doctor’s waiting room and was mesmerized by the winter scene described by the writer.

From Travel and Leisure Magazine, “Venice at Christmas,”  by Peter Weller

“Venice at Christmas is the city as it exists for the locals: organic, serene, beautiful.

Canals twinkle with holiday sparkle; campo, calle, church and museum are empty save for Venetians grateful for the respite from the crowds.

The enchanting and exalted Venetian light, immortalized by the paintings of Canaletto and Francesco Guardi, is even more hypnotic in winter, when moisture from the sea hits the chilled air, creating a haze off the lagoon that filters the sun into pink or gold, depending upon the hour.

Approached from the airport in a water taxi, the distant skyline of Venice appears like a mirage under this pastel. One winter, with a friend from Paris, I arrived at night during a snowfall. As we stood in the boat’s open cockpit watching the city’s lights twinkle through the flurry, the boat, with its one headlamp interrupted a flock of gulls nesting on the whitecaps. In slow motion, white birds burst forth from a white sea into the white falling snow. The dizzying image left us speechless until the boatman whispered, ‘Dio Mio…’”




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Retired from the University of South Florida. Love reading, writing, hiking, nature, music, birding, puttering around the house and yard.
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