Bird Romance

I talked to my long-distance boyfriend on the phone this afternoon. Not a big deal. We talk almost every day. But he’s usually under the gun and pressed for time. Not today. Today he sounded relaxed and we were able to ramble around the conversation a little. Just shootin’ the breeze.

He has a little bird feeder I gave him hanging close to a big picture window, and he likes to watch the birds when he’s taking a break from his computer. He works from home. Lots of deadlines, lots of stress. The birds are a nice change of pace.

So, he told me, with all the exuberance of a six-year-old discovering something very cool, that he saw a male cardinal taking seeds up to a female cardinal perched on a high branch. Putting them right in her beak, one at a time.

“I’ve never seen anything like that before,” he said. I hadn’t either. I know bird parents feed their offspring. Usually regurgitated goop or dead rat parts and stuff. And some male birds will flop a fish in front of their beloved. But I’d never heard of a cardinal feeding seeds to his mate.

So romantic. I googled. It’s called courtship feeding.

cardinal courtship feeding


About boomergirl47

Retired from the University of South Florida. Love reading, writing, hiking, nature, music, birding, puttering around the house and yard.
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