My Bubble

I live in a nice, tidy little world.
See no evil.
Hear no evil.
Speak no evil.
I like it that way.
But sometimes the immaculata
gets invaded. By evil.
And it feels like the rape
of innocence.
No matter that I’m 67.
A grown woman who
has seen some things.
Endured some things.
But then I always retreat
to my shiny world afterwards.
Just now my dewey eyes
have seen some ugly,
excoriating shit.
Remorseless Evil
outspoken and proud.
And it leaves me feeling shaken
and exposed.
Maybe I’ll last a little longer
outside my bubble this time.


About boomergirl47

Retired from the University of South Florida. Love reading, writing, hiking, nature, music, birding, puttering around the house and yard.
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